2021 — 2022

Atelier Munro


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Product leadership

Atelier Munro is making menswear personal again. Taking all the best parts of made-to-measure – the choice, the fit, the hospitality, the ‘on demand’ production – and evolving it for the modern man.

I help them merge on- and offline as their Head of Digital.

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The whole experience is tailored to you, with advisors on hand to offer assistance and advice. It starts with personal service that explores your every want and need. It ends with clothing that will stand the test of time. You can create one piece or an entire wardrobe.

A more conscious approach to clothing that helps you buy lasting and buy less.

Manifesting character

For Atelier Munro, this is about more than clothing. They want to empower men to reach their potential, inside and out. It’s a ceaseless pursuit of culture, quality, and authenticity. Yes, they create clothes worthy of your character. But they also connect with the world around them, sharing their knowledge, and stopping to appreciate craft wherever they see it.


Video: Milan van Dril