Len Koster

I am a product guy at heart with over a decade of experience helping brands and businesses, predominantly in the lifestyle, fashion and tech fields.

Having worked across multiple disciplines 
in the creative industry, I have a great understanding of the (creative) process 
and enjoy the challenge of blending client, business, and internal team goals.


What I do

Design & Creative Direction

Over the past decade I have helped a long list of clients with design challenges. From websites to creative campaigns to mobile apps. If it’s digital I’ve probably have been involved in some sort of way.

Account Management

I’ve been on the agency side, worked freelance and have also been on the client side so I know how important Account Management is. Managing expactations, challenging goals and requirements and making sure everyone involved is aligned is the key to success.

Business Development

After being a business owner myself, I am well aware of anything that costs money. I make sure to keep this in mind with any decision that needs to be made within projects while also looking at opportunities to enable growth and new possibilities.


Nothing beats a well structured process. If all things things run smoothly, everyone can focus on what they actually want to do. And of course; Three strikes and you automate.




Selected clients